Collaborative Engineering Enviroment

RESCluster is the association of professionals with experience in various fields with the common goal of providing current, efficient and sustainable solutions.

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Who are we?

RESCluster is a group of different companies and professionals linked to the world of engineering and industry. We collaborate to attend to projects jointly with the aim of providing a technical solution to our clients.

Why RESCluster?

We want to bring a change in the industrial sector. Our philosophy is to offer more than a service or deliverable. Our aim is to transmit and share knowledge with our clients. We involve them in the engineering process so that its essence remains at all times. We offer solutions to the challenges they propose to us, but we share the ‘Know-How’ of the methodology to reach the solution together.

What are the advantages of working as a cluster?

We form a collaborative, competitive and multidisciplinary union, offering high added value services where the client also absorbs both the work methodology and the associated knowledge.

We have a heterogeneous team with multigenerational visions, we bring to the service a point of view from different approaches. The participation of the members of our team can vary, choosing the best technical profiles for each specific project according to its needs for each challenge that we face.

Our focus is on the solution, avoiding over-dimensioning of materials and processes. We are not limited by the rigidity of individual experiences; the collaborative format allows us greater adaptability.

What do we offer?

As a multidisciplinary engineering team we can offer solutions to the vast majority of challenges faced by industry. Our portfolio includes the following services.

Industrial development

The design of the solution aims to be effective, efficient and effective, always complying with the requirements set.

Product Development

We look for the simplest and lightest technical solution so that the product meets the expectations of wider markets.

Industrial Safety

We apply the right organisational solutions for the management of industrial safety which facilitate a response that is both efficient, faster, more economical and sustainable.

Systems integration

We adopt the best solution looking for concept reduction and simplification, naturally applying concepts such as IoT, AI or DSP.

Process Optimitzation

We make it natural for companies to include in their production processes the necessary steps to achieve results in an efficient manner.

Industrial Consulting

We support regulatory compliance by finding the best way to achieve the desired quality.

What defines us?

Nowadays markets are highly changeable and at the same time very demanding in delivery times, at the same time consumers increasingly value respect for others and for the environment, in this sense our planet is heading in a global thinking towards the optimisation of resources. Sharing resources is becoming indispensable nowadays, both for convictions and for economic value, we can share equipment or machinery, printers, CNC, a photovoltaic installation, workers, even and not least we can share knowledge and work methodologies.

RESCluster is firmly committed to the 2030 Agenda, as its principles and values share each and every one of its 17 SDG goals. From RES Cluster's position, we are determined and believe that we can contribute to the indicators of SDG 12: Responsible Production and Consumption, helping companies to develop a more sustainable, efficient and high quality production.

In the current situation of lack of supply of components, it seems obvious that the best way to reduce dependence on components is to simplify the solution, it is clear that the fewer components the less dependence, at the same time we get a more robust and environmentally friendly solution. However, not all organisations or companies today have the reactive capabilities to change their processes, designs or materials used in an agile manner.

RESCluster is the union of professionals with experience in various fields with the common goal of providing fast, efficient and economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

To offer optimal solutions adapted to the needs of the environment in terms of efficiency, simplification, optimisation and sustainability.

Our Visión

To bring a change in flexibility and environmental sustainability in the industrial sector by being a reference engineering group in the implementation of solutions.

Our Values

Respect for humanity and its sustainability through high-level and collaborative engineering; Efficiency, effectiveness, anticipation! Efficiency, effectiveness, anticipation!


Todos conocemos los que significa un proyecto llaves en mano, un proyecto donde el contratista dirige y gestiona de manera autónoma el alcance, los tiempos, los costes y calidad, liberando un entregable final según los requisitos definidos. RESCluster damos un paso más, proponemos cambiar el concepto de proyecto llaves en mano por proceso llaves en mano .

What difference does it make?

In a turnkey process, the contractor is also responsible for directing and managing the variables, the difference lies in adapting the execution of the project to the particularities of our clients so that they are not disconnected from the project and have control of the development during its execution. The objective of the proposed method is to take advantage of all the knowledge that the client has of their environment so that it is reflected in the final deliverable. We always seek a balance in the participation of the client during the execution of the project.

Contact with us

RESCluster is committed to a fully customised service for every need. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to find the best collaboration link between our companies.

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